Why should I become a Preferred Provider with AFN?

You will be listed as a Preferred Provider with over 24 million employees on the Employer Health Plans throughout the United States, giving you the opportunity to receive the highest reimbursement in the industry at 70-85% of billed charges. Furthermore, you will be offered training and collaboration opportunities with thousands of AFN member Podiatrists


What do I have to do for credentialing?

Another advantage of AFN is our simplified Credentialing. We have streamlined the process so that it can be completed in a very short period of time. We have to insure that your license is in good standing and your credentials and malpractice are current. Once you have done the initial credentialing, all you have to do is update us with changes to your location and status.


Why does AFN focus on Employer-based Health Plans?

Put simply, they pay providers the highest reimbursement and they offer the best benefits, with the lowest deductibles to their employees.  Employers often provide a self-funded healthcare plan which eliminates the profitability that insurance companies seek to gain, thereby enabling more money to go to providers and lower premiums to their employees.


What do I get reimbursed for servicing patients I receive through AFN?

AFN pays the highest reimbursements in the industry, 70-85% of billed charges, in most cases that is 100%  higher than Medicare fee schedule.


How many patients does AFN service?

AFN services of 25 million patients in all 5o states from 4,600 payers.


How can AFN obtain such high fees for its doctors?

AFN does this by the collective negotiating power of thousands of providers within AFN and HNA. Payers will pay higher reimbursements to contract with large groups of Podiatrists.


What is the fee schedule?

All reimbursements are a percentage of billed charges, paying 70-85% of billed charges. You can see the reimbursement for each payer on the AFN Health Plan list.


What payer contracts does AFN have?

You can download the Health Plan Payor list on page 1 that says “Fee Schedule”. You will see over 4600 health plans and agencies who contract with the largest employers in America, comprising over 25 million employees nationwide.


How do I identify AFN patients?

AFN is a subsidiary of Healthcare Networks of America, LLC  (HNA) and all AFN contracts are through HNA. The name “Healthcare Networks of America, LLC”, is listed on the Explanation of Benefits for all AFN patient serviced by AFN providers.


What support does AFN provide me?

Think of AFN as a marketing, contracting and administrative support for your practice. AFN markets its network to gain more contracts


How do I know what employers are contracted with AFN?

Most Employers contract with nationwide PPO’s (Preferred Provider Networks) to service their employees. Those PPO’s, then contract with thousands of agents called Third Party Administrators who administrate the Employer Health Plan. You will receive a list of all the national PPO’s, AFN contracts with and the Agents who service the Employer Health plans. In total, there are over 25 million employees that AFN services.


What is the advantage of being a Preferred Provider?

The name of the game in Employer Health Plans is to become a Preferred Provider listed on their Health Plan. The employees are given incentives within the health plan benefits to utilize the Providers on the Preferred List.


Where do I send claims?

All claims are processed through our contracted payers. So claims are forwarded to the contracted payer on the address listed on the patient ID card.


What does it cost to join AFN?

The annual fee is $140 however, if you do auto-renewal the prices are lowered to $99. Also important to consider is that AFN allows the provider to receive 100% of the reimbursement from the payer. AFN takes no administrative fee out of the reimbursements.

How do I become an AFN Preferred Provider?

To become an AFN provider click here to download the enrollment form and mail or fax to AFN and or complete online.